20 giugno 2017

About us...

In 2010 I left my job (after 23 years). I was tired of being treated as a number and not as a person.

I began to be interested in the processing of polymeric pastes and their modeling. It fascinated me and every day I was busy creating small objects to test my skills and increase my manuality. With the go of time I got discrete results and began to try new materials and new techniques. In the beginning I created small things, so I had to learn how to fit small jewelery items, cut chains, clasps, open and close rings. I started to do some markets in my town and saw that the audience was very interested in my products. I started to grow and experiment with new materials and new areas that could help me in my small business. For about two years I have been interested in the processing of epoxy resins, very interesting and versatile material. I also started working wood and using cabinetry products to make my work better.

My passion for the Geek and Nerd world has led me to consider these themes as a source of inspiration.

Recommended by friends I opened this little Etsy Shop.

Here you will find what loves me, it all starts with my own heart and hands and is ethically handcrafted in my studio in Italy.

I'm so thankful every day to be able to do what I love to pay my bills. I'm grateful to the Etsy community and my clients for always supporting me.

That being an ethical company is more than just the materials I use, it's about mindset. Just For Geek is an eco-conscious company so I use reclaimed / recycled materials in my work. I also use green practices to run my business as much as possible from the copy paper I use to the recyclable shipping mailers. I hire local artists and businesses to help the economy in my community and together we create a business that gives back.

This work is my true passion, I love creating things that bring joy to people, that represent what they need, that make people laugh and make them feel good. Working with people to make jewelry, or gadgets or accessories that brings them joy makes my work complete. Having created a small business that can give back and stand for something other than making stuff for the sake of stuff is what it's all about for me.

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